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Six Folk Songs for Voice and Piano
For voice and piano
Year of composition : 1936, Ankara
Song Titles : "The Reunion", "Oh Hanife", "Mastic dribbles along the pine trunk", "Full moon", "Ferment", "Turkmeni".
First Performance : Erkin arranged this series first for voice and piano and later for voice and orchestra. The voice and piano version was first rendered by the bass-baritone Nurullah Taşkıran.
Publication : State Conservatoire Publication, no: 8 1955, Ankara.
Scorescribe : Cahit Koparal
Note 1 : First composed in 1932, these songs were later developed by the composer for orchestral accompaniment. (See "Seven Folk Songs for voice and orchestra").
Note 2 : Two sundry songs with piano accompaniment, "The Fountain would quench my thirst"and "Rose of the plains" should also be considered in this group.