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Twelve Folk Songs arranged in Two Parts
Year of composition : 1936, Ankara
Song Titles : "Oh, do not weep", "Istanbul is such a fine red coral land", "Zühre: In deep seas twine", "I roam from land to land", "Efe Song -Yörük Ali: Of all the cool and clear brooks", "Sille square","Katurjolu zeybek", "A zeybek blond and burly", "I was born in Bergama (Bergama 1)", "Let me reach this cloudy mountain peak", "I was born in Bergama (Bergama 2)", "In green meadows".
Publication : Donald Hoffman, professor of music at the Arnavutköy American College for girls, made an English adaptation of the lyrics of the entire series. The following six songs were published by SCHOTTMUSIC, Edition 11120, Schott and Co.Ltd, London, under the title: "Six Turkish Songs" arranged in two parts by Ulvi Cemal Erkin. The selection included: "Oh, do not weep", "I was born in Bergama (2)", "Zührem: In deep seas twine", "Istanbul is such a fine red coral land", "I roam from land to land", "Yörük Ali: Of the cool and clear brooks".
Note : Erkin made these choral arrangements upon the suggestion of Paul Hindemith.
Six Folk Songs
Arranged for mixed chorus
Year of composition : 1945
Song Titles : "Myrtle grows on their front yard", "Ferai", "Whose beloved are you", "Water awakens the trench", "Song of the partridge", "Superb is your daughter ma’am".
First performance : Chorus under the direction of Mesut Cemil Tel, Ankara Radio
Publication : State Conservatoire Publications, Ankara, 1955
Ten Folk Songs
Arranged for mixed chorus
Year of composition : 1963
Song Titles : 1. Madımak: Knotgrass (Sivas, halay dance for women), 2. Nutter girl (Erzurum folk dance), 3. Dirvana: Dove in laz language (Trabzon folk song), 4.The ice cream vendor, 5. Salına salına: Your swaying gait, 6. Advice, 7. The rose has my soul, 8. Herald, I'm undone, 9. Misty mountains (Erzincan folk song), 10. Fair-haired bride.
First performance : By the chorus of the Ankara State Opera at a concert organized within the framework of Yapı & Kredi Bank's cultural programme for 20. Anniversary celebrations. 28 choral arrangements by various composers were performed within this programme. Erkin was represented with "Fair-haired bride", "Madımak" and the "Ice cream vendor". These works were commissioned to Turkish composers by the Yapı & Kredi Bank.