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Lullaby, Improvisation and Zeybek Air
For violin and piano
Years of Composition : 1929 – 1932
First Performance : Military Social Centre, Sivas, Violin: Cezmi Rıfkı, Piano: Ulvi Cemal Erkin, November 7, 1931 (Only "Lullaby" and "Zeybek Air" were performed ); first performance of the entire work took place at the Public Cultural Centre, Ankara, Violin: Necdet Remzi Atak, Piano: Ulvi Cemal Erkin, 1932.
Publication : A Ministry of Education Publication, this was the first Erkin work to be published.
Note : Erkin composed the "Lullaby" and "Zeybek Air" while a student in Paris and integrated the "Improvisation" part in 1932.