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Five Drops
Five pieces for the piano
Pieces : Animato, Lento, Tranquillo, Energico, Moderato
First Performance : Military Social Centre, Sivas, piano: Ulvi Cemal Erkin, November 7, 1931; first performance in Ankara, at the auditorium of the Public Cultural Centre, March 11, 1932.
Publication : Hakimiyet-i Milliyet Press
Note : Three pieces of the "Five Drops" series were orchestrated by the composer in 1950 upon the request of Dame Ninette de Valois who used them for her "Keloğlan" (The Bald Boy) choreography.
Sensations *
Eleven pieces for the piano
Titles of pieces : 1. The Game (Allegro Vivo), 2. The Little Shepherd (Andante), 3. The Brook (Allegro Vivo), 4. The Ox-Cart (Largo), 5. The Game (Allegro Vivo), 6. Marching Song (Tempo di Marcia), 7. The Joke (Vivace), Flights (Agitato), 9. The Game (Allegro), 10. Don't Weep Beloved (Lento), 11. Zeybek Air (Allegro Moderato).
First Performance : Public Cultural Centre, Ankara, Piano: Ferhunde Erkin, April 17, 1947.
(*) The title "Impressions" has been used in a number scores of and recordings
For piano
Year of composition : 1946
Movements : Allegro, Adagio molto sostenuto, Allegro.
First Performance : Studio of the Ankara Radio, piano: Ferhunde Erkin, January 15, 1948.
Publication : Ankara State Conservatoire Publications, No:11, 1958.
Six Preludes
For piano
Years of Composition : 1965 – 1967
Preludes : 1. Lento misterioso, 2. Allegro, 3.Larghetto, 4. Allegro moderato, 5. Allegro, 6. Allegro vivo. (Subsequent to the publication of the score, Erkin revised the order as: 1-5-3-2-4-6.)
First Performance : Ankara Radio, Piano: Gülay Uğurata, November 20,1969.
Publication : Ankara State Conservatoire Publications, No: 43, 1968.